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In Association with Amazon.comWelcome to the new Boston Baked Theatre bookstore! In association with Amazon.com, we're offering a wide variety of titles on all aspects of theatre -- directing, producing, acting, costuming, storytelling and reading aloud, children's plays, and more. We use what we sell, and we will be constantly adding and updating reviews of the books that we've found most useful (and fun!).



 Storytelling and Reading Aloud

 Teaching Acting to Children

 Set and Light

 Holiday Reading Aloud

 Scripts !!!NEW!!!

Cinderella Books

If you have a specific title or author in mind, you can do a search on Amazon.com's database using the search box below. Just type in the author's name, the title of the publication, or keywords; you'll be sent directly to an Amazon.com page with your search results. (And your favorite theatre company will benefit!)

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