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Special School Shows

If you would like to bring your school or day care center to a weekday show, we can arrange special show dates and pricing just for you! We regularly entertain many public and private schools and day care centers from Cambridge, Somerville, Boston, Brookline, and many other towns in the Boston metropolitan area, and throughout New England.

Here's how booking works:

About a month before any given show opens, we contact all the schools on our mailing list via postcard and email. The postcard announces the dates that the show is running -- and specifically, which dates are available for school shows.

When you call us to book a show, it's a good idea to have more than one date in mind. We will look at the days that schools have booked already, and try to pick one that meets your schedule and ours. (Our actors have day jobs, so we try to minimize the time they have to take off work.)

It's also helpful to know how many students and chaperones will be attending before you call. This must be a firm number. We need to be accurate to keep production costs down.

Once we've decided on a date, we will send you a letter confirming the show, reservation date, and the number of tickets you've placed on hold. The letter will also state the ticket price, and the total amount due. (We request a 50% deposit upon receipt of the letter, with the remainder due a week prior to the date of performance.)

Please give us a call with any questions you might have. And let us know right away if you need to change anything with your reservation!

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